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Thread: West Colton-BSB-Mojave-Trona

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    you will have to do some under the hood tinkering to get them to load and you need to use RW Tools to find the missing assists. some are on RWA, some are here, and the rest are on European sites. Bill posted the RW Tools list in the readme file. make sure you install fresh assets every time Railworks updates. The RPK file is changed and the assets are removed from the directory and replaced with an AP file which you need to unpack with RW Tools or 7 Zip. two of the files you will have to ask Buzz and Bill directly since they are not in the pack and Railworks overrides them when it is updated. These files are OTTOGRAY.BIN and OTTOPINK.BIN which is the shape file and the Track Rules File. When you install run RW Tools and print off the Asset List and do a google search with the path of the file. Bill has made this easy by providing a list of assets. First install the route into the folder then run RW Tools. the first ones to install are the Track File and the Railworks child file if these are missing you need to go to 3D, Railworks America, and Trainsim. com to get the files and you need to verify the cache and do a cache clear. Every update the AP files override the route file and assets are archived or erased. sometimes you need to install fresh assets thats why RW Tools is here. To get the scenarios installed you need to use 7Zip to open the RWP file to bypass the Railworks Utility program. once you have the scenarios unpacked you need to open the file until you get past the code for the old route and look for the folder marked Scenarios and look for the scenario code and copy the file and paste it into the Railworks directory that way all the assets that are missing and the scenario code files are installed. Kevin and Otto are gone so their routes are locked in the Deep Web but clones of their assets are on 3D Trains, RWA, UKTrainSim, and here you will have to do a search to find them. For the Track open RW Tools and run it. Look for the file named Otto-PINK.BIN and replace it with this file 3DTrains/ScaleRail/Ballast/ATSF-PINK.BIN do the same for Otto-GRAY.BIN and replace it with Scalerail SP Ballast. Three folders you need are on RWA and on UKTrainsim that are the Forklift Dock and the Freight Steel Crane download these and replace their shape files for them to work. Bill uses British switches use the ballast color to tell you which one you need and the satellite photos to tell you what switch you need. for starters ATSF Flag Switches go with the pink ballast and US&S Target switches go with the SP track. Signals you need to use GTRAX signals but you will have to edit the route. Bridges can be found in Scalerail.
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