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Thread: Freight Action on the 'Old & Weary'

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    Default Freight Action on the 'Old & Weary'

    In these views thought to have been captured during the spring of 1951, freight traffic on the New York, Ontario & Western railway still looks reasonably healthy, with EMD FTs leading a 35-car consist. However, the NYO&W (aka the 'Old & Weary') was in fact struggling for survival, and had been reduced by this time to being little more than a bankrupt, low-volume bridge line. The end would come with liquidation early in 1957, as the 'Old & Weary' gained the dubious distinction of becoming the first 'notable' US railroad to be abandoned in its entirety.

    -- Activity inspired by content from: "America's Colorful Railroads" by Don Ball, Jr.
    -- Also inspired by:

    Locos: BLW/ZT ... Consist: BLW/ZT + TrainSim F/L + TS + Elvas Tower ... Route: L&HR/1940s (gently modified)

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    Love that consist with all those boxcars of varying heights. It looks 'right.'

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    Great pictures.

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    Thanks for the beautiful pictures of Campbell Hall.Reminds me of growing up in that area in the 50's.That car parked by the station could easily have been Grandpa and me watching trains.

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    I really enjoy your posts, with the story background and the great pics. A big part of it is that you give details for the consists and the route. I've often wondered, when you note that a route is modified, what exactly you did modify, because it's not always obvious. Perhaps you could include a little explanation of those modifications?

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    One of my favorite roads. Nice shots thanks.

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    I think i came a bit late, but there we are, this is my version
    O&W Freight.jpg

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