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Thread: How to tell if X-Tracks, NewRoads etc. are installed

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    Default How to tell if X-Tracks, NewRoads etc. are installed

    Hi there

    I've had my MSTS installed and working well for the last 8 - 10 years. In looking at Paul Charland's new Conn River route I noted it requires Xtracks - Version: v3.2 and Newroads - Version: v4.0. However I can't recall if I had previously downloaded and installed these.

    How can I tell if I have these installed, and what version ?

    Same question goes for ScaleRail and ScaleRoads.

    Are there certain files that I would have on my system if any of these were installed?



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    I think there were documents and the like installed along with them that would say, but the simplest way is to check your global shapes folder. If there is an ungodly amount of shapes in it, you probably have one or both of them installed

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    Here is how to Fish:

    Open your Tsection.dat file (In the Global subfolder in your MSTS install.)
    Search for name of the track system as in X-Tracks (or ScaleRail)
    Look at the listing of the track sections below the line you find the name of the Track system.
    Notice the naming format of the Filenames used by the creator. X-Tracks starts with the Letter "A" then a number then the letter "t" Where as ScaleRail starts with "SR_" followed by numbers and letters designating the type, length, etc. of each.

    Now look in your '''\Global\Shapes folder for a $hit load of "A#txxxxxxxxxxx.s" and/or "SR_xxxxxxxxxx.s" files.

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    In my installation X tracks in that folder and new roads is in tech docs. in the main set up of MSTS. Scale rail and roads are in the global folder.Greg.

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