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Thread: Steam Locomotive Water/Oil/Coal Refilling (Refueling)

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    Default Steam Locomotive Water/Oil/Coal Refilling (Refueling)

    Hello all, I was looking and reading some articles on this over at E-T on this subject. I don't normally run steam but with the ConnRiv Route I just couldn't resist running the steamer in the OR activity.

    Just one problem, it starts with the tender not quite full of water, the loco "Ran out of Steam" well before getting to its 65 mile destination.
    I tried refueling before leaving, "T" and "Shift-T" but nothing happened. The loco in question is the CV_2-10-4_T3a by Paul Charland created in TSM. The loco starts out parked under a Coaling Tower. I didn't notice if there is a water column or tower nearby.
    I ran the loco in AutoPilot because I wanted to look around, and discovered that OR keeps the loco going after the water is used up, just without the chuffing, it spoils the realism.

    How can I tell if the Tender is equipped to even take on water? oil? coal? Can a water tower/column be added that will fill the tender? Same for the Oil if needed instead of coal? Could a Diesel facility be utilized for fuel?

    After reading a number of the articles my search pointed to, some of this is in the works. Has anyone written code to just have a "Full" tank of both fuel and water before leaving home in the activities?
    Thank You
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