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Thread: Has anybody opened an Account on DTG Live, yet?

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    Default Has anybody opened an Account on DTG Live, yet?

    I noticed this new DTG website has opened and gives brownie points for folks who help others for you to use in their new Store!!!! So, they have a Shop opening up, I wonder what they'll sell, is this in lieu of Marketplace on Steam in future, beggers the question? I think that this may be for all the simmers for DTG products, so, fishing, flying and trainsimming all together, that should be fun. Has anyone opened an account on here, I'm still reading the EULA and Terms & Conditions, it's an interesting read, I'll probably be banned in the first few weeks for being too officious.

    Cheerz. Steve.
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    Call me cynical but this comes right back to one of the things alluded to in the other thread - control. If you recall back when Kuju were working on Rail Simulator, one of their aims was to bring the community in house. This seems to be an attempt to do just that, a nice inviting gingerbread house to draw the punters in, but you had better mind what you say once the door closes or you'll be in the cauldron . There's nothing on the FAQ in the link, to ask "What happens if I post a valid criticism or complaint that conflicts with your commercial interests?"

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