Couldn't really think of a decent, non generic thread.

Anyways, Two pics for now.

OZ-1 seen here, about to cross the Connecticut River into New Hampshire. OZ-1/ZR-1 runs between Gilman, VT to Portland, ME as the road switcher, switching out the points of Gilman, VT; Whitefield, NH; and Fryeburg, ME. Unlike the other trains, it does not meet it's counterpart in route.

377X, seen here passing a private dirt crossing, is southbound from Stewartstown/Beecher Falls, heading to Whitefield, NH. This train typically consists of loaded pulpwood and woodchips from CPRS, bound for the Paper Mills across the Mountain Division as well as other points in Maine. The train will terminate in Whitefield, NH, where the cars will become parts of the OZ-1/ZO-2, and the YR-1/RY-2 trains.