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Thread: Milwaukee Road, Coast Division, First sub.

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    Default Milwaukee Road, Coast Division, First sub.

    Name of Route: Milwaukee Road, Coast Division, First Sub. (MCOA1)

    Version and Release Date: 1.0 TBD (Soon)

    Description: This route covers the next 99 miles of the Milwaukee Road, Pacific
    Extension from Othello to Cle Elum, Washington. In addition a
    small portion of the Hanford Branch, and all of the Royal Slope
    Branch are included. The NP covers 62 miles from Yakima to
    Cle Elum, Washington plus the Roslyn Branch with 4 coal mines.

    Installation Method: Spanned Zip Archive

    Size of Download: 970 MBT

    Size of Installed Route: 1.6GBT (mostly because of mosaic textures)

    Prototypical Operations; Mainline, Branch, Switching: Provisions are included
    for all types of operations and the NP line can be operated
    as it was during the period the Milwaukee Road was in use
    or as it is in the present time, see notes at end.

    Freight or Passenger: Both Milwaukee Road & NP had freight and passenger. The
    Milwaukee Road was abandoned in 1980 and by then Amtrak
    no longer operated over the NP. Olympian Hiawatha died
    in 1961.

    Era or Genre: For both, anytime prior to 1980. NP only after 1980

    Location: Entirely in Central Washington State

    Length of Mainline: Milwaukee Road, 99 miles, Branches approx. 10
    NP RR, 62 miles, Branch about 8

    Length of Branches: Milwaukee approx. 10, NP RR approx. 8

    Number of Branches: 3

    Number of Sidings: Milwaukee Road 23, 3 are spurs
    NP RR 13 if operated prior to 1980, 5 if operated at present.

    Number of Yards: Milwaukee Road 4, NP RR 2

    Mixture of Dual and Single Track: No significant double track

    Level of Trackside Detail: Highly detailed in towns, detailed between. South (RR East
    of Pomona on the NP is not detailed - reserved for Lukas Lussar
    to detail out later.

    Percentage of Scenery Completed: 90%

    FPS Specs, with qualifiers: 20+ if run with MSTS, 40+ with OR. Requires high end video
    but will run on lesser systems if detail levels are reduced. You must
    us the mem:XX switch or MSTS may crash entering Ellensburg on the NP.
    Recommend using mem:2048 (Win 7) No special settings needed with OR.

    Activities Provided: None

    Non-Default Consists or Rolling Stock Required in Activities: No

    Add-In Track Sets: XTRACKS, MTRACKS

    Xtracks Required?, Version: current version

    Newroads Required?, Version: current version

    Tsection.dat Build: 38

    Payware or Freeware: Free. Custom objects restricted use.

    URL for More Information and Screenshots: N/A

    Known Problems: None

    Where it can be downloaded:

    Extra information: Sometime after the abandonment of the Milwaukee Road, the NP line was
    operated for several years by a shortline operator. BNSF reacquired it
    in the 1990s and sometime during this period, CTC was installed. As a
    result sidings in the Yakima Canyon (Hillside, Roza, Wymer & Umtaneum)
    were removed, leaving Pomona at the south (railroad east) end as a long
    signalled siding. Thrall and Holmes are two industrial sidings just
    railroad west of the canyon. Ellensburg is a signalled siding as is
    Bristol. Thorp still exists at least in part as does Teanaway, but
    Kountze apparently is gone. Thus if the NP is operated as prior to
    1980/90 or so, all sidings can be used as passing sidings but they
    do not have buried signals which would confuse the CTC. Sidings that
    only exist after 1990 have CTC, even though they existed prior to then
    as well. Milwaukee Road sidings all have buried signals and AI meets
    seem to work okay, but I am not that familiar with AI activities etc.

    By the time the Milwaukee Road trains reach Othello, they have gone
    over three of the five mountain ranges the PCE had to cross, Belt in
    Montana, Rockies, & BitterRoots. Now we come to the Belt Mountains
    of Washington, encountered as soon as the Columbia R. is crossed and
    this was the westbound ruling grade of 2.2%. Freights usually got a
    helper from Beverly to Thompson Creek Tunnel at the top of the grade.
    Three tunnels and three large bridges are seen in this sim. In
    addion, substations were at Taunton, Doris, and Kittitas.

    Designer's e-mail for more info: [email protected]
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