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Thread: Psychics in TSW are wrong

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    Default Psychics in TSW is wrong.

    Trains rolling well in descents what I can say, maybe to good.
    Even brakes is okey (for now before i tested more) much better than betan

    But the locomotive force is completely wrong.
    3 things are wrong i think.

    Problem 1
    Driving mode 1. Then engine accelerated to 10 mph then stopping. Driving mode 2 is 18 mph etc.
    Is it on cruise control om the three locomotives ...... Answer there is not. (yes loading coal...)

    The problem is this take an example
    Speed 30 mph and driving mode 2. The Amp is zero ???????
    The Amp and the force should not disappear in given speed.
    But the amp and force should be less in increased speed but may never be zero.

    So driving mode 2= you have force from 0-18 mph nothing above
    driving mode 3= you have force from 0-27 nothing above.
    Drive 50 mph och have driving mode 5 and zero ampere and no force.

    If you driving just a locomotive in 50 mph (flat surface) you need driving mode 6 just to hold speed in 50 mph.
    In reality it is enough with driving mode 1 to hold that speed i flat surface.
    The engine has a generator that delivers power all the time but it will be lower with higher speed.
    (even train simulator 2017 its working better)

    I bothers me a lot on this bug.

    Problem 2
    Problem with psychics with locomotive. Locomotive are to much to strong.
    Testing the scenario powering America part 2. 3 es44 and 70 loaded coal cars. Garret-sandpatch-cumberland
    There will be 10,000 tons of train or 1.4 Hp / t according run8 simulator.
    In Tsw I could run with the train uphill with just driving mode 6 in 39 mph (6,5 mph/driving mode). grade is 0,9-1,0 percent

    In run8 the 1.7 percent grade (needles and west) as the driving mode 8 (same train 70 loaded coal wagon and 3 es44)
    as the train went at 12.6 mph. (1,575 mph/driving mode)
    If we converting grade of sand patch to neddles grade (twice ) it should be 3,15 mph/driving mode in sandpatch grade

    So in driving mode 8 we should have a speed 25 mph in sandpatch. Not 39 mph in driving mode 6
    It is approximately least 200% wrong with power (or least twice to strong)
    Done more test with run8 from east Cadiz to Geoff . 1 procent grade. The 3 es44dc and 70 coal wagons (10000 ton) same train as yesterday The train went in 21-23 mph i driving mode 8 so it are bit slower than I thought then i calculated earlier.
    To compare is Tsw driving 39 mph in driving mode 6 same grade.
    Tested 2 sd40-2 TSW " scenario fully fuelled"
    2 gp38 locomotive was disconnected at the rear of the train
    So it was 2 SD40-2 and 60 double stack car
    According to run8 it can be
    1: 60 wellscar empty weight 1620 ton (3,7 Hp/t)
    2: fully loaded 6600t 0,9 Hp/T
    3: My train i used to test is "random loaded" is 3559 ton 1,7 Hp/T
    We don't know TSW train weight but but it was double stack car the whole train (60 cars).
    Container load we don't know. my guess 3000-6600 ton train weight.

    Speed TSW
    To hold 50 mph (no grade) driving mode 6 enough
    Climb to peak Sandpatch gradient 1,3-1,7 percent
    Driving mode 8 the top speed is 55 mph?????

    Speed Run8 west Siberia to Ash hill grade 1,5 percent
    Same train 2 sd40-2 random loaded 3559 ton 1,7 Hp/T
    Driving mode 8 the top speed is 15 mph.

    Difference is 366% !!!!!!
    If I had fully loaded run8 train 6600t 0,9 Hp/T, The train have stalled.
    A little weird thing is that if you only have one locomotive (sd40_2) but the same train TSW as above, then the speed is getting better. The speed gets 19-23 mph in a 1,5 percent grade. I thought probably of 25-30 mph considering that it could run 55 mph with 2 locomotives Very strange.

    Problem 3
    I also thought that when I drive in uphill and drew force to zero (driving mode 0). The train loses speed to little.

    Test gradient 1.5 percent: TSW 50 mph to 0 mph= 178 seconds
    Test gradient 1.5 percent run8 50 mph to 0 mph= 92 seconds
    Different 193 percent
    Can part of the problem be core problem being that gradients are not included enough in the formulas.

    .................................................. ........................................
    Actually there is much, much more problems (locomotive wheel slip, dynamics brakes), but this is one of the worse.

    Dovetail has promised us right physics but right know its very large problem with this.

    Feels like this with locomotive thrust against the forces of the train should not so difficult to fix.
    You have to get right in the formulas of gravity and weight train locomotive force and friction.
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    The other possibility we're just touching on in the other thread Jorgen is the actual consist physics. Could the vehicles be registering heavier than they are or is the rolling resistance set up too high. That would explain the stalling out on gradients which I've experienced and the need to apply power going downhill.

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    I saw it too late as I had already posted here.
    But it ended up on the beta version so it may be good to use an entry current version of the program. That you had to drive downhill, I have not experienced, must be malfunction of these wagons. Often is it opposite, the trains rolling very easily. has repeatedly rolled all the way from the sandpatch to Cumberland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthernWarrior View Post
    The other possibility we're just touching on in the other thread Jorgen is the actual consist physics. Could the vehicles be registering heavier than they are or is the rolling resistance set up too high. That would explain the stalling out on gradients which I've experienced and the need to apply power going downhill.
    Anyone know how to get into these files yet ??

    Tim K - VIA Rail Canada 🇨🇦 Western Region

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    Maybe the new sim needs Edgar Cayce!

    "Psychics in TSW are wrong "

    - FTLDave

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    Quote Originally Posted by ftldave View Post
    "Psychics in TSW are wrong "
    Give the guy a break....English is not his first language.
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    Sorry is My english is not my best subject.
    Which train was it who rolled so poorly downhill.
    Would like to try this

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    Drove oil train with 40 wagons and two SD40-2. Several have problem with this in downhill.
    The train rolled down the slope without problems. Had to braking all the time, possible that the train rolled a little worse than other trains
    Info Could run 55 mph uphill 1,5% !!!
    But I am puzzled. I experience as the trains roll very easily in TSW.
    I experience very strong locomotives (50-60mph uphill 1.5%)

    But I read other that they feel the trains run badly in downhill. How come?.

    How do you feel about the trains behave?
    1: Normal (the feel right uphill and Downhill)
    2: Train rolling downhill as it should but they can run very quickly uphill. Strong engines (My choise)
    3: The trains run badly in downhill slopes (get to use engine to keep the speed)
    4: Own experience

    Can it be ours hardware we have that affects. HD i7-6820HK / 16GB / 256GB + 1TB / GTX980M 4GB
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    Physics testing by TrainSimUSA.

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