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I've had the same problem. Started the scenario last night & saved it cause it was late. Came back to it the next day & stopped at the summit. Went to the rear of the train & the rear 2 engines won't uncouple. I've saved many other scenarios with no problem. Oh well, I suppose I will have to do it again. Anyone any other ideas how to solve the problem?
Hi BobN,
This thread brings back old memories.

I recall Fully Fueled. I uncoupled the engines and they immediately rolled down the track and disappeared.

Regarding your issue, at about the same time as you are heading down to uncouple the engines, are you getting messages asking you whether you want to give up control? If so, it is likely that you and the program are not on the same page. I believe that message comes up when the program detects you are doing things it does not expect you to be doing. (it got lost, or you did)

Regarding Saves- I don't know anything about the TSW2 or the route plug-ins. However I do know from experiences gained in another life that the program has to grab a dozen or so property sheets and tuck them away someplace. Completing that task successfully is vulnerable to timing considerations within the running instance. Thus, to greatly improve your odds of getting a good save, save it while nothing unusual is happening and the state of everything is sort of stable. Don't try to save it during a fury of control changes, and do not expect a useful save right at a problem area.

Save it every time you get to a really boring place where nothing much is changing other than the train rolling on the track. If you do that, there will not likely be any property sheets out of sync, and you will always have a restart point within a few minutes back from any crap that happens.


Controls (in this context I consider a coupler to be a control)