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    Default Editing uploaded file description

    How do I edit the description of a scenario I uploaded to the file library here on
    I forgot to add a couple of dependencies to the description and can't seem to find an edit button to add them in.
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    If its only something that can be done by a site admin, then can whoever moderates the forum, please pass the following changes to my scenario description along to whoever would do it please?

    Please update the description of (RailWorks - RW Scenarios Train Simulator 2017 ECML Class 55 Scenario - to show the following:

    Autumn, 1979. HST's are all the rage & Class 55's perform secondary duties. In a bet over beers with a member of top brass, you've wagered that a trio of class 55's can haul more freight in one go (without damaging themselves) than ever seen before on UK rails. If you win, your opponent will owe you a beer & ensure some class 55's remain in service well into the 80's - keeping you in work. If you lose, your pride will be shot & you'll owe him a beer...

    Essential Dependencies:

    Weardale & Teesdale Rail Network
    Settle & Carlisle
    Armstrong Powerhouse HST (Valenta) Enhancement Pack

    Cosmetic Dependencies (non essential - if you don't have them, the scenario can still be played via the F2+Cancel method when you get the black box of doom):

    Woodhead DLC
    Doncaster Works DLC
    Class 101 BR Blue
    A4 Pacifics
    UKTS Freeware packs (rolling stock)
    Deltic Prototype
    J94 "Austerity"
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