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Thread: Lost all cab radio audio

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    Default Lost all cab radio audio

    So, I've noticed that I've lost all the cab chatter and defect detector calls in R8. I've turned chatter off then on, fooled with the volume tried different channels and so on. Nothing seems to be able to bring it back. Should I just completely reinstall or is there something I'm missing?

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    Have you tried hitting the "MUTE" button on the cab radio? Maybe you triggered it by accident. Also check that "Detector Cab audio only" isn't selected in your F1 Menu.

    It almost sounds like you're possibly missing soundbanks and wavebanks. Specifically BNSFDetector and Dispatcher. Which you shouldn't because that would mean that someone or something deleted them (like a paranoid anti-virus). Can you check your V2/Content/Sound folder for the detector XWBs and XSBs? You should have CSXDetector and BNSFDetector.
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    I copied some files over from V1 and I think the sound files got carried over as well. Once I deleted all the files and reinstalled V2, it started working again.

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