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Thread: MSTS Default Route Downloads

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    Question MSTS Default Route Downloads

    I have OpenRails and I want to run the NEC. Is there anywhere I could download the NEC for just Open Rails (no installme.bat)?

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    Not for MSTS or Open Rails. All NEC-related routes that I know of are old enough to require the MSTS content at least in part:

    • NEC (Washington DC to Philadelphia 30th St.; in the original MSTS package); then
    • (Several updates to the original route without major track changes); then
    • NECv4 (Washington DC to Philly, with several parallel freight routes completed and some terminal switching; requires MSTS content); then
    • PRR-ER (combines NECv4 and several other routes, plus connecting lines, DC-NY and west to Altoona or Pittsburg depending on updates; requires MSTS content).

    Note that many routes with installers, like PRR-ER, have an installme.bat equivalent built in as part of the installation process. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. Particularly with older routes like these. You still need to have the original MSTS content present.

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