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Thread: Paducah GP10 progress

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    Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US, and good day to the rest of you! I don't have anything ready to upload just yet, but I thought I would share a few shots of what I've been working on.

    We'll see if that link works. I'm posting from the iPhone while visiting family in KY. The first 5 photos on my Flicker page are the newest WIP models.

    The IC GP9s will be coming soon. Model & textures are done for 15 IC high-hoods of different colors & eras, including 3 passenger-equipped units.. I still need to double check all the physics & look into adding a few more ORTS-specific lines.
    The Midsouth GP10 is the newest, done 2 days ago, & will feature 4 GP10s to start. I'll probably add a couple GP9s & GP18s later.

    The GP18 is still WIP but not too far from completion. These low-hood GP18s were the first IC low nose units & also the first to feature a 26L brake valve.

    I have another model in the construction phase whose derivatives will likely occupy me through most of 2018. I'll post shots when it starts looking nice.


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    Excellent !

    IC "classic" black/green diamond Geeps are a long overdue & will be a most welcome addition to anyone's loco roster - glad to see some passenger-equipped torpedo units included !

    Thanks in advance for all the hard work, these are some nice looking units.

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    Geez! Those are fantastic! I'll be eagerly awaiting these!

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