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Thread: Having BAD performance issues with MSTS.

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    Unhappy Having BAD performance issues with MSTS.

    I have a Dell system that's about a year old, system specs are Intel R core i7-6700 [email protected] 3.40ghz. Memory is 8.00 gb running a 64-bit system, service pack 1. This computer came with windows 10 but I had 7 installed. I have done EVERYTHING I know to get better performance to no avail. Yes, I'm using the latest "stable" MSTS bin with all proper updates, I just recently tried the memory switch in target lines ( NO improvement ) I have even thinned my train set folder and have dynamic shadows turned off. I do NOT use Open Rails as I feel it wouldn't help this particular situation. Does anybody know of other options I could try? Player trains WILL run but when freezing or hesitating, I have to keep hitting the "enter" key to keep going. I wouldn't think a computer with these specs would have this much trouble but I am.

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    It's not the computer's fault you are trying to run obsolete graphics calls and 15 year old software on it...

    What type of graphics card? The biggest problem I had with my previous W7 laptop was the integrated video card. Plenty of CPU and memory, but the implementation of Direct X on that hardware just ground to a halt. Having a separate video card made all the difference.

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    Is it a laptop? You didn't say. If it is, and it doesn't have better graphics than the built-in Intel, then it doesn't matter what other specs you've got and what version of Windows you're running (MSTS and OR, btw, both run fine in Windows 10). The Intel graphics place a hard limit on MSTS and OR performance.

    If it's a desktop/tower system, you can add a video card, preferably from nVidia, and disable the Intel graphics. With nVidia graphics in Windows 10, both MSTS and OR run great, even on systems with less than top-end CPU and RAM.

    Was Win7 installed as a factory option by Dell? If not, there might be driver problems lurking. Even if it was, there might be driver problems, though less likely.

    Is MSTS installed correctly? "Correctly" means: outside of any Program Files directory, preferably in its own directory structure at or near the disk root, as instructed by Steam4Me. Also following the other Steam4Me instructions. Not following those instructions on systems with Vista and later *will* cause problems with MSTS, even if somehow you get it to start and appear to run.

    Did you install MSTS in the correct order? That is: original disks, MS updates, THEN MSTS Bin. Do you have the final DirectX 9.0c for Windows 7 installed? Do you have all the other correct support software, such as Xtracks, Newroads, Scalerail, etc. as needed for your routes?

    Points of comparison: I have a Core i5 laptop with base Intel graphics and 4GB RAM. MSTS top frame rate is around 15, also with OR, and both are stable (Windows 10 64-bit Home, installed per Steam4Me). I also have a Core2 Extreme (3ghz quad-core) with nVidia graphics (old 750ti) and 8GB RAM, almost 10 years old. MSTS top rate is usually over 100, OR is in the 70-120 range for most routes, and both are stable (Windows 10 64-bit Pro, installed per Steam4Me on a SSD C: drive). I do have to admit that I usually use OR now. And the memory amount is really irrelevant - MSTS (with -2048 mem switch) and OR both run in less than 2GB of RAM.

    Frankly, your problems sound like a combination of Intel graphics and an improper installation of MSTS. If you can't change or add to the graphics using nVidia or (with Win7 only) AMD hardware, you need a different computer.
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    Specs were posted previously

    What is the newest Bin now, 9 years old?

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    >I do NOT use Open Rails as I feel it wouldn't help this particular situation.

    It is very easy to test open rails.

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