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Thread: Illinois Railway Museum 2017 in ORTS

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    Default Illinois Railway Museum 2017 in ORTS

    Some in-game shots of the IRM route now available at with proceeds benefitting the museum. Equipment shown is illustrative, and not included in the route.

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    More, all equipment shown is illustrative, and not included in the route.... It's nice being able to think about saving some pieces which didn't actually get saved in real life...

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    Great Job.... I was there a couple a Years ago, it was the last big thing I did with My Brother who lived in Milwaukee, befored He passed. It was a really good last memory... I agree with You about saving rolling stock that have little chance of Making it there. I liked the fact that You inserted Mr Stevens's famous "Skytop Lounge" from the Olympian Hi. It truly does belong there.

    When We were there it was really slow day about the last week in May, So My Brother & I was taken on a private tour of the "Electroliner" Train. I do hope they will be able to get those traction motors repaired, and bring it back to life. That was another cherished boyhood memory with My Brother zipping down to Chicago on it, departing from the North end of the 6th St Viaduct, next to the"Schroeder Hotel".

    Thanks Again,

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    Pretty certain that I saw in Rail & Wire that the traction motors are already rebuilt on the Electroliner. They also have a Facebook page detailing the restoration (

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    Since we can have anything at a virtual representation of a museum.... a Penn Central E7 and CNW E9 take to the rails along with a NYC observation car...

    Turning on the wye:

    Heading out on the mainline

    Waiting for the signals to clear for the back up move at Johnson Siding:

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    Today, the BLW/ZT Troop Train made a stop...

    BLW/ZT's E6 is the closest living relative to the E5 on the Nebraska Zephyr...
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    It's not perfect... but it's better than nothing...

    I took the CB&Q E8 graphics from the BLW/ZT Northwest Amtrak set and overlaid on the B&O E6A model from Rick and Gaetan's Troop Train. The mapping on the two shapes is pretty much identical.

    Then, with a little modification to the E8 texture to change the portholes to square windows, add the fluting at the bottom, swap out the top grille, replace the model plate, and change the nose to have the angled stripes, you get decent albeit slightly imperfect representation of an E5A.

    For the rivet counters, the number boards don't belong where they are, it's missing the second headlight, and the grab rails & steps to the center door are off, but for an hours work on just the textures, it will do for now...
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    You are on to something good there!
    Now, get back to the barn and polish that puppy up!

    Here at home, in the railroad mayhem capital of the world.

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    Now that looks really good!!

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    Here's ATSF 92, a FP45 that's been at the IRM for at least 20 years, and was recently brought back to full operation a few weeks ago.

    The NRE shops in Silvis, IL sold IRM and installed a reconditioned prime mover and generator from a SD45 being scrapped. There's also a fundraising drive underway to get appropriate trucks (the current trucks are from a SD45).

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