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Thread: Goku (TRES ) has humans walking in OR!

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    Quote Originally Posted by conductorchris View Post
    Geoff, good reminder of human nature around trains! (Not only do humans stand still on platforms, but they look in one direction - the direction they expect their train to arrive from!).

    What Goku is doing is really setting up the tools to be applied by route developers. How good it works is going to depend on the work of the route developer.

    Sadly many routes have pretty poor car spawners too. Otherwise excellent routes are spoilt by inappropriate vehicles and bizarre traffic speeds?

    Perhaps the best development would be some tools to easily change vehicles, speeds etc. I've tried with very limited success to do this in the past. Even commercial routes were guilty of this too. MLT's vehicles on the original routes are awful and the older 3DTrainstuff American routes featured Morris Minor "Panda Cars"... which must have puzzled American purchasers and stuck out like a sore thumb to UK users who'd recognise them as local Police Patrol vehicles from the UK circa 1965-70 !?

    The idea of spawners is good but the implementation has varied from reasonably convincing to downright bizarre? How many times have you struggled up a grade in a train to overtake vehicles that would have romped up such inclines?

    If Goku's development is based on Spawners a toolset to easily modify spawner content would help with people too? For instance nothing looks sillier than folk standing on a platform in summer clothes during pouring rain or even snow storms?
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    What Goku developed is a way to create RDB lines without road pieces.

    For the ability to control behavior, environmental differences, etc. is something the game engine would need to handle.

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