Dear ORTS fans!

Explorer Mode now accept saving and restoring!

With introduction of the latest update the ORTS X3914, I have tested a number of routes like Cima, ConnRiver, all the Milwaukee ones
and can report that on my computer there is no more red signals, permissive reds, and red bars across your Track Monitor when saving
and reloading a scenario in Explorer mode.

The reason for this is:

X3912 Temporary (maybe) bug fix for When restoring in explore more signals stay red.

This was introduced yesterday.

However the signalling in the Milwaukee Idaho Division (the Gap) requires still to have line 312 set to “state = SIGASP_CLEAR_1;” in the sigscr.dat file.

I have not seen that any route creates reds of redbars in the Track-Monitor, when your are reloading a saved scenario in Explorer mode.

I even tried out som older German pay-ware routes like GR-5 Bremen-Munster steam version and others German Railroads routes.
In the Pro-Train payware from Flensburg/Kiel to Hamburg everything seems to be OK, even this route is of the older"caliber".

When running some of the older German routes, your Track-Monitor lights up with all colors like a Christmas tree, however, I do not get "new" signals when I save and re-load the game, so obiviously the save in Exoplorer mode works. Then the Ctrl-M is handy.
(To get rid of the pesky TCS stuff)

Since I have over 45 routes on my computer I will test others too, in the coming week.

All the best from John in Norway