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Thread: Uintah Route Beta

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    Default Uintah Route Beta

    A beta for this 71-mile narrow gauge MSTS/OR route is available for testing.
    Please pm me here with your email, or, find at elvastower.

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    Route available - pm me here or at elvastower. 71 miles, narrow gauge, activities...
    If you are a member of elvastower I am only offering same beta 0.6 here as offered at ET.
    Currently I am working on 2 Latin American routes and it will be some time before I add Winter, Spring (lots of melt water) and Fall seasons or forests or more activities to the Uintah. Sorry.
    There are about 20 activities which people say they have enjoyed. They will probably be expanded with more AI trains/other eye candy (especially around mines) some time in the future.

    Anyone who wishes to is very welcome to help fill in the missing stuff above/other stuff and move the project on.
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    Timothy, it's good to hear from you again. You have a PM.

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    Love to get this route but I cannot registered on the elvastower website. It will not accept any of the typed captions for verification.

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    pm me here with your email and I'll email you back with link to mediafire...

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    Timothy did a very good job with the route. I have a beta of it, not sure if it is the current beta or
    an earlier one. If he is working on a Central American route that he mentioned to me some time
    back, it will also be one of the great ones.

    J. H. Sullivan
    (aka landnrailroader)

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