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Thread: New TSRE route editor tips & tricks

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    I know this is out of the blue.

    But is it possible or would it ever be possible for this editor.

    To have the capability of merging routes, for use in OR.
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    I have just had a problem creating new tiles in my route. There were 2 particular tiles that TSRE would not create the tile or terrain, while others beside them were created as expected.
    The solution was found in the "World" folder. Here there were .w files for the offending tiles, even though there were no terrain tiles. It is possible that forests had overlapped onto these tiles.
    As soon as I deleted the .w files, TSRE was back in the groove.

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    One of the best parts of TSRE is the texture painting. However, each painted texture is almost 1MB, beacuse these are not compressed. DXT compression reduces the size of these to approx 1/8th of the original. Compress them individually isn't a solution if You extensively used this feature. Thousands of files can't be compressed one by one.
    Route Riter won't compress them to DXT, because it uses AceIt, and AceIt doesn't like the "-" prefix that these files have. BUT only in case of output files! So, output files have to be created without prefix, and then You have to rename them.

    It can be easily done with excel and batch files. An example for a batch file:

    aceit.exe -01a769f8_0_1.ace 01a769f8_0_1.ace /dxt /q
    aceit.exe -01a769fc_0_4.ace 01a769fc_0_4.ace /dxt /q
    aceit.exe -01a769fc_0_5.ace 01a769fc_0_5.ace /dxt /q

    Notice the missing prefix at the output files.

    After that, with another batch file You can rename them back to originals:

    ren 01a769f8_0_1.ace -01a769f8_0_1.ace
    ren 01a769fc_0_4.ace -01a769fc_0_4.ace
    ren 01a769fc_0_5.ace -01a769fc_0_5.ace

    You need excel or similar program to create list of the commands.

    And of coure You need AceIt.exe placed in the same folder.

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    Default Google maps solution

    Hello everybody. This is my first post.

    I want to contribute to one of the actual Google nightmare. The highly expensive Google Maps API and their use.

    Mapbox Services provide not just Street vector map also satellite map

    Mapbox API services it's a alternative to Google Maps API.

    1.- Register and obtain the API KEY.

    once obtained the API KEY.

    2.- Go to settings.txt and alter this line (imageMapsUrl) to:
    imageMapsUrl ={lon},{lat},{zoom}/{res}x{res}.png?access_token="YOUR_API_KEY_GOES_HE RE"

    Attached a screenshot using Mapbox services.

    NOTE: I just find out a bug trying to obtain "Tokyo Shinjuku Station satellite map", In Europe and America works well...
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