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Thread: "Tears" - A Run8V2 Music Video

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    Default "Tears" - A Run8V2 Music Video

    Valhalla Tower's second music video for Run8 Version 2 is finally here! This one has been in development for many months and I'm so happy I can finally show it to you all!

    I wanted to create some deep emotion in this video and was also experimenting with "still" scenes in at beginning and the end. I built the video clips around the song and wanted to create more of a cinematic experience, almost like you're transcending dimensions. Many of the trains aren't running particularly fast as I felt that would create a de-sync between trains and the tempo of the song, which is rather slow and calming. I wanted to show Run8 at it's best, graphics and all, mainly because I haven't found any other sim like it.

    Some of these clips were recorded in multiplayer and I'd like to thank the people that helped me with that here:
    Rebel Coltrane

    Song Used:
    Boards of Canada - Olson (Wrm remix)

    You may see some custom content in this video at times (keep a sharp eye out). Unfortunately this will not be released as it would violate Run8's EULA, but we hope that this video makes up for it.
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    Some fantastic clips, all in all, very enjoyable.
    Interested in all Train-Sims

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    Nice work

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