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Thread: Chinley V3 just about there

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    Default Chinley V3 uploaded waiting for approval

    Manchester Central... Well it's the best I could do with the Freeware available. I am 73 yo and can't afford all the extras. Plus want to repay all the years of free items and routes I used on MSTS.
    Everything is the best I could do but could be better... Anyway just doing a final test on scenarios for this version, still more signalling to do in sidings etc. but you better have this version just in case I don't make 74.
    I extended the Derby section from Millers Dale to Great Longstone although scenery needed. Lots of tunnels.
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    John Griffiths

    Invercargill New Zealand

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    Looks fantastic mate, you do great work, albeit unpaid.


    Daniel - Sydney (wishing I was in Townsville)

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    Chinley v3 can now be downloaded from with the rest of John's routes -

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    I've found that the Route Markers aren't showing for Scenario Makers. However, it it is just a simple case of editing the RouteProprties.xml:- details here:

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