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Thread: Seligman Sub West Released

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    Quote Originally Posted by dab1068 View Post
    After taking a look, I noticed that some of the 01 AA world saves have traffic on the Seligman sub. I didn't notice if there was anything in any of the industries but there are some trains moving out there.
    Thanks for pointing that out. Hadn't noticed that before.


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    My honest reaction to the route (at first) heading East from Needles was "boring," but then I got to the first canyon, and was blown away. I love the route. Operations are far from boring where that double track priority trains share Main 1 in both directions to avoid the high canyon track. Westbound has some interesting grade changes, too.
    I presume Main 2 is the best line to route yourself over for the gradients and canyon scenery, then?

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    e/b on main #2 through kingman canyon is a little more scenic as you are above main #1. main #2 also has less of a gradient BUT more curves. only higher horsepowered trains use main #1 e/b up through kingman canyon.

    the mains also split at nelson (e/of peach springs) for a short distance and again main #2 has more curves and is above main #1. main #1 has slightly more of a gradient as you will really notice when u are w/b.

    most trains on the seligman sub run e/b on main #2 and w/b on main #1.

    i am really enjoying this route........


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    Quote Originally Posted by seagoon View Post
    When I first load a "world" which may be populated by 300 trains (as is the case with the current Seligman world I'm traversing) I go into the [Shift+F2] AI programme and delete all trains which I will not meet. There is no point in having traffic running over the Tehachapi section if I will never see it, for example.
    Then I set up trains to be issued from any spawn points in front of me....Seligman, of course, and there is another, the name of which I can't think of at the moment.

    When the "world" is saved - using a different name to the Run8 Studios original - and reloaded it does not reload all those original 300+ trains.
    This reduces the despatching workload significantly.
    outstanding idea! thanks for posting that......


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    Quote Originally Posted by goneon66 View Post
    outstanding idea! thanks for posting that......

    Note that when the world reloads is says that it's loading all the trains (330 in my case) that were in the default world but they do not appear in any of the Despatcher screens.
    Only those which you had in your first save - and any subsequent saves - will populate your world.
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    Just purchased Seligman.

    Haven't run it yet but I must say I'm happy the installer now points to the right folder instead of having to triple check whether the syntax is correct.

    Thanks Run8!

    EDIT: Half way down and wow...nothing like Needles. A nice surprise indeed.

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