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Thread: I'd love to have my livery done in MSTS!

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    Default I'd love to have my livery done in MSTS!

    Hey guys,

    In Feb 2016 the Diesel Locomotive Shed, Krishnarajapuram in Bangalore reached out to the rail fans for help in designing a new livery for their EMD fleet (WDP-4, WDP-4B and WDG-4). Many rail fans sent in their suggestions and I myself managed to do 12 liveries on a 3D model and send it in. A couple of months later I was informed that my one of the liveries I designed was chosen by the General Manager of SWR.

    That being said it's a proud moment for me and I'd love to have a few repaints done.

    I am not sure if requesting for repaints is allowed here, if not a moderator is most welcome to delete it.

    If not I'd love to have some good quality repaints of the following using Gaurav Virdi's WDP-4/WDG-4 and WDP-4B. I will provide all the artwork and colour layouts for reference.

    My repaint list is as follows:-
    WDG-4 #12276
    WDG-4 #12025
    WDG-4 #12026
    WDG-4 #12028
    WDG-4 #12030
    WDP-4B #40017
    WDP-4D #40226
    WDP-4D #40330
    WDP-4D #40387 "Pratap"

    The WDP-4D's are regular liveries and none of them have been repainted yet. WDP-4D #40387 "Pratap" carries a slightly different for which I can provide details also.


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    Requests for repaints are most welcome. Congrats on your selection.
    Packerland Dev Release 2013-06 now available on Dropbox -- PM me for access...

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    Thanks eolesen!

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