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Thread: Diesel Railcar Simulator

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    Thanks guys, here's a preview of improved reflections. The bodyside reflections are now in colour where previously they were just black. The windows also have proper sky and cloud reflections though not very well visible in this image.

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    You are getting there slowly, Oskari.

    Very well done, buddy.

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    Really looking good with the enhancements

    makes me wonder though, I wanted to ask previously but forgot my decade(s) old profile here..

    Why hasnt DRS got its own forum section?

    fair enough your only one person and dont want to be flooded with ideas.. but a forum is where I learnt the existence of a fair few train simulators back in the day, along with with the goto train simulation webpages like vern's rail page and Crotrains - I do understand facebook and social media has taken over generally.. but likewise in the same ideal.. alot of good people also avoid social media or shun it for good reason

    new screenshots, new features etc all being lumped into this one thread vs its own dedicated forum section,
    I think it'd go a long way to helping publicity if it did have its own place here and at other forums.

    is there a reason not too?

    its the lack of it that I found quite suprising over these few months

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    It's not in my hands. To be honest I appreciate even having this thread here since it could be regarded as advertising. There's currently not that much activity anyway to justify a separate section. Maybe that'll change in the future with the availability of modding tools.

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    Now it has it's own sub-forum.
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    Hopefully in time its got a main forum nels is a good bloke.. Im sure once we get locos and route editor itll blossom nicely

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