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Thread: Article: Indian Train Simulator v2.1 for iPhone

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    Default Article: Indian Train Simulator v2.1 for iPhone

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    Shame there's no Android version though.

    Actually I stand corrected, there is a version for the Android. Have had a quick play and it actually looks quite well put together. Train physics seem a bit arcade albeit no better or worse than DCC mode in Trainz. Seems you unlock routes and trains as you go along, not sure if at some point these are subject to "in-app" purchases.

    The only downside, like many freemium games on the tablets, it generates persistent pop up adverts - even when driving - and longer trailers for other apps when changing screens etc.

    I can't tell if you can save a run in progress, probably need to plough through in one session.

    I would currently rate 8/10 - aside from the caveats above. It's nice to be positive for once about a new train sim, well worth trying particularly if you have an interest in Indian railway operations.
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    Please add puri

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    These are the same folks who have a couple of RR Crossing games - object: to send as many cars across the tracks without getting whacked by a train. Now there's a game for kids to learn from.
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