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Thread: Happy Fifth Birthday Run8!

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    Default Happy Fifth Birthday Run8!

    Today is a very special day in Run8 history!

    Five years ago on this very day, 3DTrainStuff, under the name Run 8 Studios, released Run8 Train Simulator to the masses.

    What started out as a very small simulator with only a handful of assets and a mere 150 miles of track blossomed into the masterpiece we see today.

    With over 20 program updates, 5 DLC routes, 25 rolling stock/locomotive packs, and a large multiplayer community, Run8 has come quite a long way in a very short time.

    Thanks to the efforts of a very small team of artists, programmers, route editors, sound engineers, beta testers and consultants, working night and day for many years, Run8 truly has "Put the TRAIN back in Train Simulator!"

    So Happy 5th Birthday Run8 Studios! You truly have given us the most realistic and fun train simulator to date! And we as a community couldn't be happier.

    Thank you and Keep 'em on the High Irons!
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    Here, Here! Cheers to that! Happy Anniversary Run 8 and crew!
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    May there be many more happy birthdays for Run 8.
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