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Thread: Any Railroad, Any Route, Any Era - Part 11

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    Thanks Neil


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    Quote Originally Posted by Coonskin View Post
    Why would I want to carry a 75/85lb knuckle 1/4 mile (approx 25 cars) if I don't have to? There are several ways to skin that cat.

    I have a friend that ended up bad-ordering out with back issues. Back issues that all begin after lugging around on a knuckle. Let the train do the work of carrying it. You'll still end up having to stuff the knuckle, but that exertion can be controlled better with careful feet placement, lifting with your legs, etc. Lifting/stuffing the knuckle is a far cry from stumbling along on the side of a uneven roadbed or uneven chat trying to carry a knuckle.
    Exactly. Why work harder when you can work smarter. In the Army I had to lug around about as much weight or more for quite a few 5 to 15 mile forced road marches on trails, gravel roads, old track beds still with ballast that was loose. I was younger back then though and breaks were not an option.

    BTW that may be why railroads prefer certain prior job experiences over others during the hiring process. Prior shift work, military experience, working with heavy equipment and working on your own without direct supervision is a really good thing to put on an application. But they will check or UP did anyway.

    It has been a while since I posted here or even messed with MSTS. Now because of OR I am interested again. MSTS or Open Rails? It is basically the same but Open Rails runs really good but MSTS don't run on my new computer and Open rails sucked on my old one. So both are good and enjoyable to see in screen shots in either or section. Good job folks.

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