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Thread: Somewhere, Illinois in summer '75

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    Default Somewhere, Illinois in summer '75

    A typically colorful Illinois Central Gulf lashup in the summer of '75...

    Open Rails 2017-09-10 07-08-16 by icg_sd20, on Flickr
    Open Rails 2017-09-10 07-09-10 by icg_sd20, on Flickr
    Open Rails 2017-09-10 07-12-17 by icg_sd20, on Flickr
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    Nice shots! Rainbow eras are fun. ICG's rainbow unfortunately ended in a can of gloss black.

    For those who are unaware, I think there were roughly 6-7 paint schemes in play during any of ICG's 15 years. What mostly changed was the intensity of the weathering. You could easily have a different paint job on every locomotive in a train. There was a lot of orange and white, though, as the IC and ICG shared a similar paint scheme from 1968-1978, and many locomotives were repainted during this time. It appears that a mass-repainting went on from 1988-90 and all remaining locomotives were painted in the black "deathstar".


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