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Thread: Would you pay for an Activity Editor for OR/MSTS and support TSRE development?

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    Quote Originally Posted by edwardk View Post
    Being one of the developers as well, Goku was given full privileges to the developers area, but read access only to the public area and no PM abilities. I am guessing as well that ORMT felt the option to just let Goku go was the only and best option. If Goku is open to it, I can also help.
    The how do you communicate with the development team? That is what I meant in the original post having the forum hosted through 3rd party isn't correct. Yes you can have a section for OR on one, but for the only source for the OR team showing developments & interacting with others that are interested in the project, that is not a great thing to do.

    I could never understand why some groups that produce wares like this cut off their noses to spite their faces (BTW you posted that amusing antidote first Jerry & I thought the same thing). Many are pointing their fingers at Piotr saying he was rude ( I got the joke that he intended and actually laughed, maybe too cryptic for most), maybe he is frustrated, maybe looking for sympathy, maybe he is burnt out. But with all the posts I read, I look also in the other direction also. Maybe certain members of the team there are jealous. Because he developed a major piece of the puzzle, alone I might add, that is usable in a short period of time. No team help in the beginning, just him, then input for the team and community members from forums like this.

    I agree not forum should have posts that are insulting, belittling or with hatred. I ran forums & even BBS's back in the C64/128 days and never put up with that. BUT, find out first what the user meant first (Unless it is obvious) before performing haste judgement.

    For me, after I finish a few activities people on here been waiting for, I think I will be walking away from it. Not acting in haste, gave it a lot of thought after the week's past events. Just seems that the community is becoming too closed minded. Times and things change, I agree. But from how I see it though my eyes, it is not heading for the better.

    And to Piotr, best of luck in your future endeavours. And watch that humor you have, it is caustic ! (Laughing)
    - Mark -

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    I myself have given this a lot of thought, and it's hard for me to even think about this whole mess after devoting 6+ years to this game. Since the JKY debacle, our community has become very fractured. And now along comes Goku, who like stated in the above post, creates a piece of software for his PhD and ultimately gets kicked off one board over a perception problem. Sure, Dave can run his board all he wants however he wants - but that can go both ways. His board is very specialized, and over the years felt like a home to me. But now I too am walking away from ORTS because I don't feel any of this is right. You know what they say - vote with your wallet. Well, I might as well walk over to the other buggy sim and try to figure that all out. At least their editor works! But to pull this back to topic, I wish Goku well, and if he decides to go on his own and build his own simulator, I offer my support and services if needed.
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    Default Statement from the builders of the Stockholm route regarding recent events:

    Statement from the builders of the Stockholm route regarding recent events:

    The Stockholm route has been in continuous development since 2010. We have made good use of and enjoyed Goku’s TSRE route builder since version 0.610, which has greatly eased our efforts in pushing past set boundaries. To this date, we haven’t encountered any problems with TSRE we haven’t been able to work around and been able to successfully solve in corporation with Goku, who has continued to both address and solves bugs as they have been reported to him by the community.

    Understanding the cultural differences, firstly in terms of written communication, but also in perception of values and norms, being able to objectively contemplate any written statement is a perquisite to facilitate effective cross-cultural communication.

    Facing differences in several cultures, whether they are being, age, language, origin, belief or one of many more, we have seen Goku made increasing improvements to his written language and his efforts to accommodate various communicates from different forums.

    Being the sole developer of TSRE, a software that has brought more possibilities to our work that would have otherwise been possible, we have chosen to financially back Goku through donations considering the effort, work, and personal difficulties he has been facing. We will continue to do in the future.

    We appreciate the good cooperation we have had thus far with Goku and will to the furthest extent possible continue the same.

    We should also like to thank Carlo Santucci for his efforts in compiling a stable ORMG 64-bit version. His efforts have been equally important to us as we would not have been able to continue our work otherwise.

    In conclusion we should like to invite the communities to contemplate the answers given by the developers, and to ask questions when in doubt, whilst bearing in mind TSRE is a beta with no definite promises made.

    The team behind the Stockholm route

    September 2018


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