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Thread: Resizing SketchUp textures

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    Default Resizing SketchUp textures

    Hey you guys. I am not a SketchUp artist myself (for now at least), but I have been planning a route project where I discovered that an artist had made a building that I could use. So I asked for permission to use it in my route.


    Now here is the thing. I downloaded SketchUp, which runs fine.
    I downloaded the Train Simulator extension file, which converts the S and SD files I need.
    The problem is the texture.
    I assumed that the solution was to export the texture as an .dae file, and then convert the texture .jpg files to BMP and THEN convert those to .ace files.

    The problem is that after getting converted the texture is WAY too big.

    For the SketchUp experts here, how can I work around this problem?

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    Use a jpg foto to use as a SU material to 'paint' the model. The texture MUST be sized square power of 2. That's 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 ect.
    Use the same jpg that you use to paint the model to create the .ACE file needed by MSTS.
    I use the SU PushPins to align the photo texture to the model.

    If you have a shortcut on your desktop for AceIt,exe you simply drag/drop the jpg you used in the SU materials folder to the AceIt shortcut. You'll get a message Ace file created in the folder where the source jpg is located.

    For instance, if the jpg used to paint the model is in the SU Materials folder, then that's where the new ace file will be created. Temporarily move the ace to the desktop. I export my SU models to the desktop so it's easy to check them out before moving the sgape and ace file(s) to their respective MSTS folders.

    Oh, as regards to SketchUp; Be sure to run through the tutorials! Very important.

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