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Thread: openBVE Program UpDate 2017Sep07

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    Quote Originally Posted by OBTS View Post
    Here's a long list of British trains and routes with downlinks which may help
    Thank you for that list, I didn't know half of these locomotives and multiple units were available, including a leccy Class 87, blimey, things have moved on from BVE4, that is for sure!!! It has piqued my interest again in BVE, I might have a another bash at it.

    Cheerz. Steve.
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    I just drove a Class 56 heavy freight on the Network West Midland route.

    It was brilliant, even has water droplets appear on the windscreen, in tunnels.

    I was 7+ mins late arriving at Brookfield Yard, which i didn't think was bad.

    For a first drive on the route. The only downside for me personally is the static consists and moving AI are privatisation liveries.

    At least the loco behaves like it is dragging some heavy wagons behind it.

    No 0-60 in 30 secs and stopping on a sixpence.
    Yma O Hyd

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    Well, I finally installed it (the earlier version, and the NWM route as mentioned above) and tried it out.

    The improvements over the original, and even over BVE4, are significant but for some reason I just couldn't "get into it" in the same way as I did way back when CroTrainz (Barney) was around.
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    The one thing that would enhance OpenBVE would be a GUI programme to create your own custom runs rather than having to delve into the csv/rw files. The icing on the cake would be a route editor - ISTR there was a very crude one made for BVE a few years back, but it was more of a route generator than a full editor (similar to what we used to do in Mechanik, when we spawned a random route to run on).

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