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Thread: Can someone convert a msts engine to Railworks for me

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    Default Can someone convert a msts engine to Railworks for me

    message me if you can thanks!

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    Not likely to happen!

    For one thing there are copyright issues to consider, you do not mention what asset you want to convert but even if freeware it's someone else's intellectual property. In addition there is no direct conversion process from MSTS to TS20xx or do you not think most of the models in MSTS would exist in the other sim by now? The only way this could be done is by the original author from the source files and while the basic shapes might work the conventions for getting stuff into RW - particularly with moving parts or complex physics - is quite different. And anything created for MSTS is not going to look that brilliant in a more contemporary graphics engine anyway.

    Think you're out of luck, mate.

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