Well the "enforced" upgrade of my PC to Windows 10 was actually quite painless and free. However as usual whenever M$ upgrades an OS it's (mostly) their other software that causes issues. Nothing that 3 days of my time couldn't mostly fix .....but it does mean that I've now one box kept with Win 7 as some software definitely doesn't work in Windows 10 and the newer now upgraded to 10 box. Thanks to external HDD's transferring trainsim stuff to the new box is now completed and of course a valuable backup compiled at the same time.

So what? Well that's why I only just had time to get the route up and running so I've a few issues, a couple of screengrabs and hopefully a contribution.

Firstly I've got it running in MSTS (widescreen patched) and it looks great. A few issues thrown up by RR and ConBuilder checks but I'll post them seperately. One issue I do have is that on exiting any run I get the MSTS must close error. I'll post the screengrab of that next time.

Secondly there's two problems with the heavyweight coaches. Like many of the heavyweight models in the library they're out of scale, i.e. too big. I've spent some time correcting that with SFM and tweaking the skins a bit but they still need some colour correcting to match the 3DTrains and BLW diesels. Even rescaled there is a serious BOUNDING BOX issue with these coaches and viewing that in Shape Viewer I don't understand why.

Firstly the rescaled coaches, blue still needs tweaking......

B&O Heavyweight Rescale.jpg

But here is the problem.... Even gentle radius switches cause the coaches to judder and finally jam solid.... note Wheelsip as consist has ground to a halt

Wheelslip due to BB issue.jpg

Of course the bounding box issue doesn't occur in Open Rails but as some folk are still using MSTS it needs a fix?

I've track texture issues in OR where the scalerail shows up fine in MSTS but I think I need to backtrack this thread and re-read posts on that?

Finally just a couple of shots of a really great atmospheric little town I grabbed whilst Exploring the route......

Hvwgts at Newburg 1.jpg

Hvwgts at Newburg 2.jpg

I'm also getting some error reports from Conbuilder on the Wag files for ALL of the Tenders. An issue with the sound line? Anyone else had that and sorted it?

Loving the route Chris and patiently waiting for the updates. Interested to see what speed limits those twisting curved sections through the valleys need?