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Thread: Model for ORTS only diesel .Eng?

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    All you can do is try it and find out if OR throws a warning. In an MSTS .eng file, the fueling points are located in the Wagon section, whereas the capacity and usage rates were in the Engine section. I'm not sure if ORTS will know to correctly parse them just as they are or if they need to remain in the Wagon or Engine subdirectories.
    I do know that I have the Wagon and Engine sections denoted in my SW14 and GP10 ORTS .eng files as originally made by Gerry, so there may still be some need to keep entries in their proper sections.


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    Quote Originally Posted by peterman View Post

    How does this sound to you!?.... Why don't you take a locomotive from the file library here ( perhaps Tyler Bundy's GP10 ) and create what you believe to be the ideal .eng file for OR. No need to alter the Cabview or sound files, but all the other parameters like brakes, air, coupling, lights etc. etc.... this way we can all look at it in one place, rather than read a snippet here... a snippet there. Then upload it to somewhere that we can download it.
    Are you up to it?
    Not quite what you proposed, but I thought I would start from here, so we could all weigh in on what ORTS specific parameters were useful and what worked. Once we get that figured out we can add a specific ORTSDieselEngine block to whatever we choose from the library and then see what we got. I think you guys with much more experience than I should choose something you all can agree on...Yeh I can hear the howls of laughter on that point!

    I started a new thread >>>
    Cheers, R. Steele [Gerry] It's my railroad and I'll do what I want! Historically accurate attitude of US Railroad Barons.

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