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    It's a very nice looking route, well done too, but one thing really perplexes me and that is why the south end is, well, so odd? The L&HR crosses the river and has its interchange point with the CNJ over on the west side. Just having a single track come to an end on the east side is rather strange.

    Or did I install a beta version?
    Dave Nelson

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    No you didn't. The yard at Martin's Creek was the point Rich chose to stop the line with some tracks continuing on towards Phillipsburg. The Tri-State Route incorporated Rich's route into it's much larger track base and completed the line as far as Phillipsburg as well as including a number of branches Rich left off since it is set in an earlier period. It also includes many of the other railroads in the area. From what I have seen from the team still working on it, they still have more detail to fill in but it is coming along slowly but surely.

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    This is a guess, I won't claim to speak for Rich,

    My guess is the high number of custom objects that would have been needed for Phillipsburg, Easton and South Easton.

    Open Rails 2017-01-28 10-12-18.jpgOpen Rails 2017-02-09 03-52-38.jpgOpen Rails 2017-02-09 03-53-31.jpgOpen Rails 2017-02-01 05-57-21.jpg

    I've only put a minor scratch into this area, in terms of custom, static objects.

    Doug Relyea
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    Hi Guys,
    To answer Dave Nelson's Question, the aim of my route was to only model the L&HR from Belvidere, NJ to Maybrook, NY. Once I reached Belvidere, it didn't make since to stop the line at G tower, (which I originally planned to do) so I continued on to the small yard at Martins Creek, which seemed like a good stopping point. For those that do not know, the Bel-Del and Martins Creek yard was owned by the PRR, with the L&HR having trackage rights on the line. The same happened on the East end of the line. Originally I was only going to model a few yard tracks at Maybrook as just a place to start and stop the journey of the shuttle one between Warwick and Maybrook. During my time of building the route, MSTS Bin George had made a number of improvements with the sim and I decided to include the entire Maybrook yard, minus the humps, since they didn't work in MSTS anyway. My primary focus of the route was always just to model the L&HR mainline between Maybrook and Belvidere, with the trackage rights to Port Morris.

    After I had found further information on the L&HR before the introduction of the search light signals, I decided a 1940's version of the route would show case what had changed on the line between 1940 and 1968. Some may know, other may not, but Penn Central was the beginning of the end for the L&HR.

    As a few others have mentioned, I recommend Skyline computing L&HR templates for both the 1968 (Version 4) and 1940's L&HR routes.

    To DaveKfromUP, The activity pack in the file library for Version 4 probably will not work on the 1940's L&HR route, because of the many changes in the track database. The way MSTS is setup, it probably will not even load the Version 4 activities into the 1940's route, because they are in two different route folders.

    Thanks guys for continuing to use these routes, they are a look back at a great little East Coast Class one railroad that was the bridge line to New England and part of the famous "Alphabet Route" of railroads.

    Rich S.

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