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Thread: Is anyone able to help please

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    Default Is anyone able to help please

    Thank you for accepting me into the forum.
    I hope it’s ok to post a wanted advert here.
    My 11yr old stepson is absolutely barmy on trains and is looking for a
    rail driver desktop train can controller. He has told his dad this is what he wants more than most for xmas
    but I just can’t find one for sale in the UK.
    If anyone happens to know one for sale please can you let me know.
    More than happy to travel in the UK to make my stepson one happy lad for xmas

    Thank you for taking the time to read and if this is the wrong place to advertise, I’m sorry

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    Is this what you are looking for?

    Paul :-)

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    There are several available on Ebay here in the States.
    Russ G

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    Not sure if this works with TSW though as that's the board the OP posted in.

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    RailDriver is not supported by TSW, only XBox like gamepads are.

    I don't know if some USB keyboard emulators work interfacing RailDriver to TSW.

    RailDriver is quite expensive for a piece of plastic and has several design flaws like the horn lever that breaks easily and slack in the controls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by charland View Post
    Is this what you are looking for?

    Paul :-)
    That is the one Paul but it’s out of stock in the uk.
    I was trying to find a used one but, they’re like chickens teeth

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    It looks to be that they may not produce more of them until January or February of next year according to one online shop, There is one site based out of Canada that has them in stock(..or so they say..): (authorized reseller listed on the raildriver site).
    But, Even if they ship to the UK, it might not arrive until after Christmas Day unless they have an air parcel option which will surely be costly.

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