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Thread: SP & DRGW Tunnel Motors, My Second Attempt

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    Default SP & DRGW Tunnel Motors, My Second Attempt

    Well, after my (what I think is) badly textured SP Grey/Kodachrome release almost a year ago, I'm actually taking action and re-doing them 100% better than they were before. This time around I correct my major mistakes such as: alpha channels working on the trucks, windows being transparent, and correctly remapping the textures to match the prototypical SD45T-2 and SD40T-2. On my original releases, I didn't know what an Alpha Channel was and how they worked, it's the reason the trucks, windows, fans, lights, and other details didn't look right. I will say the textures on the originals were from scratch, but they were bad. This time the textures are scratch again, just better. Along with the Southern Pacific SD45T-2's/40T-2's/40T-2 Snoot Nose's, I'm also making Denver Rio Grande & Western SD40T-2's(not snoots because they had none), I did these for the fun of it. The actual model shapes and templates for the textures are from Dick Cowen ( ) so all credit for the models and templates for texturing goes to him. I just did the reskins. These will be released most likely this weekend because I've made significant progress in the past 2 days.


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    Well, I personally went and repainted and fixed the problems you had with the Kodachrome SD45T-2, as one of the locomotives featured in your first attempt was my favorite one of the bunch, SP 9207. I went ahead and fixed all the problems that the model had and gave it a good enough repaint, fixing all the problems the original textures had.

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