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Thread: Illinois Central

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    I’ve used the Monon 2, only Chicago and Louisville stations though [emoji6]

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    I use the Monon v17 route for most of my screenshots and test running. Beautiful route! With some suspension of disbelief, the section from Dyer down through Monon to Lafeyette could stand in for the IC double track mainline.

    However, only the "mainline" portion of the IC was double track. As a branch line, the LaSalle Rockford & Central looks reasonable after I modified the color of the ballast and microtex.ace. I think I added telephone poles (code line) as well.
    The Canton route could be an ICG route somewhere on the system, as well as the East Metro. I've modified both to be more ICG-like.
    If you have the old GM&O Springfield Switch route, that is the real thing. The locomotive packs I have released are all appropriate for post-ICG merger times.
    The Monon route north of Monon would stand-in as a good IC branchline. My recent WIP SD20 tests have been up around Wilder, IN. I can tell you that four SD20s cannot move a 13,000 ton grain train in the hills down around Pekin, IN. I've been drag-racing them north of Monon. You could drop them off the Sears Tower and they would only go 40 mph all the way to the pavement.

    Also, the IC route that Rick Berg upgraded has cab signals in lieu of wayside signals, so you're pretty well stuck with an old IC or built-for-ICG lead unit with cab signals equipped. The other routes I mentioned above are more appropriate for ex-GM&O leaders. However, its hard to not like running the BLWZT IC passenger trains at 100 mph.


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    I've used the Birmingham Route for running IC stuff in the past.
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