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    I haven't posted regularly in quite awhile now and yesterday someone said "I've lost the spirit of the season". A week or so back, someone posted a portion of Danny Beck's freeware package for public download. The next day, it had been deleted from the library. I had commented on that post and I believe someone took it to be hostile? My first question was why was it removed from the library? Danny was very clear that those files were for the benefit of the community and he ENCOURAGED freely sharing them. I have them as well, and am planning on sharing them. (Someone was kind enough to share them with me, THANKS, you know who you are). I've pretty much left the hobby, I produce content for myself now since everything I release somehow ends up on some idiot's pirate site. I also take somewhat of an issue with having one of my comments removed yesterday when there really wasn't anything in it that called for the fire extinguisher...Thanks for the supportive remarks by a couple of friends! There's a lot of reasons folks leave the community, from copyrite issues to personal spats with other folks, but the biggest factor is there is some kind of burnout involved...some of us lurk, like me and don't post a lot...others just disappear, never to return. I don't cause much trouble, but if there's a question about a product in production, the question should go to the author privately or on the support forum for that product at the very least. This isn't the first time the op of that post has done this...Logic prevails: Why ask a question that only the author of the route can accurately answer? Should have been done by email or the support forum..Period! A second grade attempt at getting some negative attention in my book.

    Oh, and Merry Christmas/ Happy New Year everyone.....
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Frank. I've always appreciated all your contributions to this sim.
    Steve Burr, PE - Clinton, MD
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    Merry Christmas Frank... feeling the burnout here too.

    Paul :-)

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    Happy Holidays Frank, and everyone else! I think your comments and opinions are valid, as I've been in similar situations.

    Thank you for your contributions.
    Maxwell Brisben
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    Big Tip-O-Hat to you Frank. Cheers, Seasons Greetings. Enjoy life.

    Don't burn out too much Paul, I, for one, love your work. Just wonderful attention to the period and it's architecture.
    Cheers, R. Steele [Gerry] It's my railroad and I'll do what I want! Historically accurate attitude of US Railroad Barons.

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    Frank you might take this the wrong way but I think you're probably like my dog?

    THAT is NO insult because my dog is one of the most precious things in my life. My dog is a "Staffy". British Staffordshire Bull Terriers are quite small compared to some fierce some dogs... but they do have a bit of an attitude problem? LOL!

    Best summed up as "The best form of defence is a massively aggresive SHOW OF FORCE!!". It's all show! NOW this is a real shame because anyone who knows anyone with a well kept and loved Staffy (even Pit Bull Terrier) will know that REALLY they're exceptionally friendly, loyal and affectionate companions.

    Most of what you post is really constructive and helpful ....but sometimes ....well Put it this way I'm a fully paid up "Grumpy Old Git" but I do try and bite my lip sometimes not often enough I'm told. Sometimes you're just a bit too ready with the snappy "put down" perhaps.

    However in support of your points I do think some of the moderation is more than a bit OTT. It may be a cultural thing? We Brits love a discussion and however heated it gets will usually walk away friends. As Gerry pointed out yesterday the whole point of a forum is to publicly discuss issues.

    NO ONE MAKES folk read any thread? I only read stuff that catches my interest. Maybe the problem is that the Moderators are reading every thread? Not a task I'd volunteer for. Still they had a saying in the forces here in the UK in WWII ....."if you didn't have a sense of humour shouldn't have joined"
    Dorset - near The Swanage Railway.

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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Frank.
    You stand for excellence and clarity. I've got your back!

    Holiday regards,
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    Frank, sorry if you're unhappy about having a comment whacked. It wasn't out of line -- the surrounding posts were, and leaving your comment as a fragment made no sense.

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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Frank. I also have appreciated your contributions on this site, and also the Mophouse site that you had. That was one of my favorites, and I really miss it. I completely understand why you de-activated it, but I still miss it though.

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    Frist off, Merry Christmas sir. I did enjoy the Mophouse when it was up very much.

    Secondly, the Danny Beck files seem to be back in the library.
    Parker B. - A Misplaced Midwesterner.

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