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    I am new to the forums and thought it'd be nice to introduce myself.

    Mostly I play BVE5, I do a live stream of it every day at 1am EST. Obviously my audience is always Japanese, but everyone is welcome of course. Name is Sxldierman on YouTube as well

    I started playing BVE a long time ago, just before BVE2 was published. Never really could get into OpenBVE but it is nice.

    My favorite type routes are Subway lines. Underground trains are just really cool imo.

    If anyone is interested in or needs help with BVE5 routes (since they are mostly all Japanese routes) don't hesitate to ask me


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    I haven't used BVE for many years - used to love it. Just downloaded BVE 5 but now I need routes and trains preferably UK - do you know where I can download them from?


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    Good to have you back in the BVE community.

    FYI, program BVE5 is written for a Japan audience & generally not compatible with trains+routes from BVE2\BVE4\OpenBVE.
    Program OpenBVE is actively, almost daily being improved & is compatible with all BVE2\BVE4\OpenBVE trains+routes.

    Below are links to the OpenBVE program, and a long list of trains and routes for the UK.

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