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Thread: New Train Simulator aimed at good physics and graphics!Help needed!

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    The game will come on Steam?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sumitsingh View Post
    The game will come on Steam?
    Yes, it will.
    And it will probably also be published on our site.

    Quote Originally Posted by geepster775
    Or likewise, whatever happened to Crosstie Studios developing along the same lines (UE4 engine)? No fun joining the existing efforts?
    As far as i am aware, Crsotie Studios(wich i believe is also Jointed Rail) has abandoned the project for quite a while now.

    Quote Originally Posted by muskokaandtahoe
    I'm curious: Why are you developing a new sim when you could be applying your skills to move Open Rails further along? I not trying to dismiss your goals, just want to understand what, if anything, there was about OR that put you off. FWIW, I'm NOT on the OR team.
    I believe OR is based on MSTS files and contains outdated graphics, i think it would be quite some work to get it to look good, but since i never really played it, i cant say anything about physics and such.

    Quote Originally Posted by smiljacc18
    Great to hear about this,very exciting.
    Personally I always opt for games outside of steam if available,so I would prefer to see it on your own site ,not on steam.
    Best of luck,and i'm sure skilled modellers,etc,will jump on board as they see some development.

    The development of our simulator started with just me wanted to do something fun as a project, i just happend to like trains and started to built a train mechanism in unreal.
    When i got trains driving i thought, why not develop this furter and make it into a train simulator!
    So thats what i started doing with some other persons, thats how it began.
    To be honest, just continuing to develop on something existing is something i find quite boring, as most work has been done already then...
    That also part why i developed it.

    To answer your question on what put me off, well, like i said:
    OR seems a little outdated to me, and i just wanted to develop my own, as i had done the beginning alreaddy anyways.
    So, that is mainle the thing why i developed my own.

    btw. we are planning on starting a little company where we will develop software(games, simulators).
    But thats just a rumour for now.

    And offcourse, now we are developing our won simulator, we have developed our won way of trains physics and have our own ways of doing things.
    We think it is better to create a new simulator then developing further on another( abandoned) project.
    And we got the nice features of unreal engine.
    But to be honest(again): All the existing simulators out there don't match our requirments.
    OR looks bad, and Crostie Studios still hasn't released that demo they promised, DTG's software is full of bugs and physics not quite right, trainz sounds and fells like a bad quality game for kids(my opinion), and all those crappy half finished game in the google play store don't come near a actual game or sim(more of a prototype).
    But our main aim is getting realistic physics, then graphics.(cuz its a sim right? )

    But say it if you think we are wrong
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    You could also check out releasing your sim on GOG.

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    sumitsingh Guest


    Can you post some photos ( better than 497 x 236 )?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sumitsingh View Post
    Can you post some photos ( better than 497 x 236 )?
    Well, originallybthe pictures where 4k, but resized them.
    But i'l upload em to somewhere else when i get home.

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    Currently we are thinking to start a kickstarter campain so we can hire a company(s) to create 3d models(and some minor other things) for us.
    If we would start a campaign, would you be interrested in funding?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crstagg View Post
    Okay, but may i ask why?

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