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Thread: Is it possible to relocate a Title including Mountains and Scenario?

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    Default Is it possible to relocate a Title including Mountains and Scenario?

    Hi to All!

    Is it possible to relocate a Title in a different location including the mountains and the scenario, including to rotate 180 the position of that title?
    Why I used an existing Route and I personalized but it is a no realistic Route that having a lot of loops (circle) is not in a straight line,

    I will appreciate your support

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    Is this for Microsoft Train Simulator? And what exactly is a title? I've never seen the word used in relation to MSTS.

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    I believe he meant TILE

    I have had the exact same thought as you & long story short, you can relocate everything (tracks, objects, terrain) to a new location using route riter. However rotation will not be possible

    You can however, copy, paste & rotate all scenery & track from 1 tile to another in TSRE5. This i have tested & works good, however manual click & add to selection is required, which may be quite tedious if many trackpieces & objects are present

    Your out of luck with the terrain though

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    Thanks for the inforinformation.. yes I meant TILE (sorry for the error)

    I appreciate the answer

    Rodrigo D

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