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Thread: LTV Mining Error

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    Default LTV Mining Error

    When I try to install this route, I get this error:

    Any idea on how to fix it??

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    If I remember correctly that route is of the XP era. So the installer will not run on current Operating Systems.

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    It's a very old route, so I'm not surprised. I'd try with some compatibility modes if it's xxtracted from an .exe file, as I suspect it is. I'm actually working on a route that has that line along with Northshore Mining's track. I really should get back to work on it...

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    I will have to install them on an older PC and then just copy the files back to the OR computer....

    Do you have any pictures of your route that your working on??

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    Right-clik the EXE and select Win XP under the compatibility should install fine.(Since you didn't inform us as to what OS you are running!)
    I'm like an old SD9; It Growls, Howls & squeaks...but it will run forever!

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    I've only got the Northshore side's track down so far, and I'll be getting some markers done for the LTV side today. I put some scenery on a short bit of NSM for this picture: So it'll be a while before this route is anywhere near done

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    Tried that, and that didnt work...Just took it to another older PC and installed it and then just cut and pasted it back into the folder on my PC....Thanks for the help though

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    If this is the old Abacus route, wasn't it full of bugs and sloppy route building? Notably if you run in vanilla MSTS with unmodified rolling stock you will receive the dreaded coupler snapping bug fairly quickly and (ISTR) an Apollo launch level derailment graphic!

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    Yeah, this was sure a poorly made route, it needs a total makeover, if route building was like Trainz, I'd for sure redo a lot on this route.

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    Thumbs up Hanging on to MSTS? You're missing out on a rewarding ewxperience.

    TSRE5 makes route building and modding existing routes very easy. If you're basing your reluctance to try TSRE & OR on the horrors experienced with the MSTS editor you are missing out on a great new program.

    As far as I'm concerned the MSTS editor is dead. It cannot handle today's complex routes, crashing and taking over a minute to execute a save! That my friend is unacceptable.

    Good riddance to the constant problems from a program that as a data processing professional I regard as one of the worst collection of crapware programming I've ever seen in 32 years in the business. Ever!

    I'm experiencing MUCH less problems than 'provided' by the old MSTS. If you have to keep running any MSTS due to hardware constraints you have my sympathy and I wish you well and good luck. You're gonna' need it.

    If your reason is you just don't like change . . .well there's nothing I can say except wonder why you refuse to use a fine simulator with superior performance and hugely better graphics and is undergoing constant improvement, sometime several updates a day!
    And you get to personally contribute to the development of a fine new Sim, something you were blocked out of by the scum at Micro$oft. How'd you like that? You got a problem? Well they didn't want to hear it.

    TSRE and Open Rails are a complete turnaround from that attitude and I think that's a good thing. Got me back into route building again and this time it's a real pleasure.
    As for running trains on Open Rails? Don't even bother to attempt to run the new routes and rolling stock on MSTS! They will not run.

    So with hanging on to MSTS you're cutting yourself off from some fine new content and a new rewarding experience. Maybe you have a good reason? If so, I'm sorry you'll miss out on all the new good stuff coming down the pike and the excitement in participating in the development of the new Sim.
    You may ask; 'How's the development going? The answer is here:
    Scroll through the pages . . . interesting reading.

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