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Thread: BLW Beta Test Sampler - CPR Freight Pack

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    Default More EMD units appear as CPR boxcars are also added to the set ...

    New locomotives added to the set are an EMD FP7 and F7B ... with several CPR 40' and 50' boxcars also now included. Route credits as noted above.

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    Default More freight cars ...

    More freight cars arrive - additional boxcars, some covered hoppers plus gondolas - some empty, some bearing assorted loads. Route credits as noted above.

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    Default Insulated box cars ...

    Insulated 40' boxcars round out the set - pictured here behind an Alco S2. Route credits as noted above, EOT flag by NEPS.

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    Oh my god he made Slab Sides. My life is complete.

    Two more for now!

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