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Thread: Which FTP program is best now (preferably free one)

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    Quote Originally Posted by landnrailroader View Post
    Yes, Derek, I made that request months ago.J. H. Sullivan

    Did you get a whitelist request from Nels, he has some hard core protection on that email address.
    Check your spam filter.
    I have to be whitelisted before I could email him and get an answer.

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    No, never got anything from him. No whitelist, no spam. In any case, my email client is
    different now. I had a hard-drive failure in July that required replacing the "C" drive. My
    supplier was able to salvage a lot, but not the email client or address list. Now the new
    drive is a 1T size, partitioned at my request into 2 500G partitions. I have 2 other 500G
    drives on the system. My supplier is a independent IT guy that supports small business
    clients from Brunswick, GA to Daytona, FL, and a friend. He does support work for his
    friends at church at cost, but we wait in line behind the paying clients. He built this
    system in 2010, upgraded MOBO & processors in 2015, and has now replaced the drive.
    whole thing is in a large server case. As soon as INTEL comes out with new processors
    to cover that security issue, I'll probably upgrade again. Large --- and ---- heavy, about
    60 lbs.


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