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Thread: American Content or Lack Thereof

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    It was a comment on what he named the file/model. Can't think of a more obvious hint he could have given, unless Paul had modeled the 3D lettering that goes on the counter-weight and included it in the screenshot.

    Doug Relyea

    PS BTW Relyea is a French-Canadian name. There may be some in Louisiana, but they're not in my branch.
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    Actually I'm pretty burned out from working on the DAR for the last month or so so I've started a new route and was really enjoying working on it. I thought I'd have a little fun for a couple of minutes after spending thousands of hours route building but I guess that was wrong of me, sorry, won't happen again. The photo was the beginning of a Central Vermont Ohio 50 ton self-propelled crane I started. I posted it to show that some people are actually working on American content.


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    OK, this is starting to head into dark signaled territory...
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