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Thread: Extending existing route - elevation issues

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    Segment 1 is uploaded. Let me know when you have it successfully downloaded and I will delete it and upload the remaining segment.

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    That is okay. However, for any future such activity, "WeTransfer" is very easy to use and can handle up to 2G in a
    single file. When I send the MCOA2 to Moe, Lukas, & Simon, I just zip the whole thing, which since it is still under
    construction, it has scads of "garbage" in it that will not be in the final release, i.e. unless RouteRiter gives up or
    something. I have Comcast cable, and 1G uploads in about 30 minutes.

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    I have used MEGA several times to transfer the PRR_East to Goku (TRSE author).
    You get 50GB free so no splitting big files needed.

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    I am sure Mega (and probably others) will do the job. When I send the MCOA2 out to the nitpickers, I just
    zip the whole thing, construction garbage & all, and it is about 1.2G, so thus far I have not had to split files
    or do anything odd.

    Jerry Sullivan

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    Red face Adjusting selected terrain - SOLVED


    After some tinkering I found a solution to aligning data to an existing route.

    1. You need to know the original offset in height - In this case 1525 meters.

    2. Go to and download your required
    ArcGrid files. (only seamless data now available)

    3. Install VTBuilder and import an ArcGrid file as desired for elevation. In the
    elevation panel, select the button, "offset elevation or similar" and key in
    the offset value in the window (-1525 for this route). After calculations
    the colors will change in the elevation map picture. Note, the nomenclature
    on the map may show FEET, but it is an error, should be METERS.

    4. Export elevation data to a GeoTiff file. It will now include the offset.

    5. Run DEMEX. If it is a new route, just use the geotiff files to generate

    5A. If it is desired to update selected files - which may have been created by
    TSRE or the method of your choice, then select the "unselect all" option
    which removes all the "X" figures. Then select the arrow in the top of the
    window ("select arrow") and touch each desired tile to be updated. Then
    generate terrain.

    6. The same process should work with Distant Mountain terrain but in that
    case, I would go back to step 3, and working with the original ArcGrid
    data adjust downward about 30 additional meters to avoid gaps between
    ground & DM terrain.

    J. H. Sullivan
    (aka landnrailroader)

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