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Thread: Is there some secret way to fix this that I don't know about?

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    Default Is there some secret way to fix this that I don't know about?

    So I have an extremely annoying dilemma and I'm sure I'm not the only one to experience this.

    I'm the Waycross guy in an A Line server my buddy hosts. For some reason, I'd say probably 1 out of every 5 tracks somehow has a car that is corrupt. The screenshot below is what it looks like on my end, on my buddy's end it's all sorts of derailed and in the ground and stuff, and eventually it just disappears [along with the entire rest of the train] from my screen but it'll still be there because he can still see it.

    I can promise it's not an issue with how I run. I can do this as carefully as possible, for some reason there just seems to be corrupt cars littering the bottom of the hump bowl. Is there a way to prevent this / an easy way to fix it?


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    If it's showing all corrupted on your buddy's machine, I'd conclude that the problem is there. The server is the "controlling agent" for the world. What I'd do is to restart Run8 on both machines, get the hump yard working correctly on your buddy's, then see if things go wrong after you connect.

    I'd also make sure that both machines are running the latest updates for both the Run8 software as well as A-Line and Waycross.

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    If I was to guess from my experience you may have a serious lag issue taking place. Make sure you are looking at the PING and if it's over 100 to say around 300 it's way too high to be operating a hump as a client. Another way of seeing this issue without humping is watch each other operate different trains. Seeing the train correct itself is often a good sign of lag. When you have lag in the hump, it doesn't know where the cars are when coming down. It might switch them on the 2nd truck that on one end shows cars on the ground.

    I was certainly try what Bruce suggested up above first. But check and see the ping when the client is connected. If either of you are working on a WIFI it's going to bring the ping up quite a bit. If you and your buddy are on opposite sides of the world ping will also go up. Normally if a server has a good non WIFI connection with strong internet this becomes less of an issue. If the server however is having difficulty it can multiply issues for clients.

    As suggested try the reboots first and make sure nothing else taking up resources is running.



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    Try starting with a bare world first then go from there. You may or Host might have a corrupt world SAVE
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    Something that has come up on another server is that, you cannot move your attention away from the hump if you are in control of it. So if you activate the hump and running a train over it, you cannot switch to another window or that will cause all kinds of problems. You must keep Run 8 on top of all other windows so it doesn't "lose focus". This is a known problem to Run 8.

    Another thing is hump speed. I believe the best hump speed for Run 8, especially Waycross is about 2.2 or 2.3 mph. Much faster or slower and the cars will end up getting out of time with the system and will telescope (run together just as your picture shows) and then they will be corrupt.

    When a train crashes or corrupts on a server, it can't necessarily be seen that way on the client computer but will be visible on the host computer. A good example is a client running a player controlled train at a high speed off the end of the tracks. The server may crash. The host will see a wrecked train, the client will see his train disappear.

    Again, Run 8 is aware of some hump operating problems between host and client. Hopefully an upgrade will be out soon to address these.
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