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I wasn't aware that PayPal was such a venerable institution! :-D
Obviously? We were ahead of the game with everything from Empire Building to payment methods!!! ....which reminds me that when I did my Institute of Bankers course we still learned about "Bills of Exchange"! (pre-dated cheques to save anyone Googling it).

Back on topic....whilst prepaid credit cards are available this side of the pond that seems to be a ludicrous amount of effort to have to go to?

Before Run 8 I bought several titles from 3D Train Stuff but it's so long ago I can't remember how I paid. In my foggy memory though I seem to recall back then that there was an issue if you didn't have a Credit Card? ....also that this was resolved by e-mailing them?

BTW do you not have DEBIT cards over there as well as CREDIT cards?