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Thread: BLWZT B&O Set

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    These upgraded cars look excellent, it's time the loads were upgraded to match.
    They are too low res, grainy and blurry, perhaps a freightanim with a better resolution would be the answer ?

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    What I really need is a source of photos of scrap . . .
    I will see what I can find. I've taken a few myself off the "railfan bridge" in East Deerfield MA -- maybe I've got something I can use.
    Any other suggestions.

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    Hi Christopher,

    I find this a good source ....

    The idea put forward of a freightanim sounds like a good idea,
    I notice others use freightanim for loads.
    The small texture included in the wagon .ace file is not a high enough resolution.
    A separate 1024x1024 load texture would be good, if possible, and easy to change loads.
    Cheers Ross

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    Hi Ross, thanks. Those really are great.

    The load actually is an freight anim now. You are right, it makes changing loads easier. I didn't make the texture for it, but I suspect it is an old texture. But I can fix that.


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